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Treatment Services 

As a pioneer in the field, Eagleville offers a variety of hospital and non-hospital residential programs. These services are provided in a multi-disciplinary environment that attends to the related medical, mental health and social problems of individuals with substance use disorders. 

Hospital Level Detoxification (4A)

Patients may be admitted to Eagleville Hospital while intoxicated or in withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Under 24-hour medical supervision, the patient withdraws from the physical effects of substance use disorders. Patients receive care from experienced physicians and nurses who are prepared to treat medical and psychiatric complications that may arise during withdrawal. While detoxification is usually completed in four to seven days, it is only the first step in treating chemical dependency. Once stabilized, the patient may be transferred to one of Eagleville's residential programs, or to an outpatient program. 

Hospital Level Rehabilitation (4B)

Eagleville has the expertise and resources to assess and treat medical/mental health problems that often accompany substance use disorders. With state-of-the-art medical/mental health care, Eagleville provides services to patients with a primary substance use disorder diagnosis and secondary medical/mental health problems.

Non-Hospital Level Detoxification (3A)

Upon admission, patients receive a physical examination that includes a review of their health history. Patients admitted to the unit must be free of acute co-occurring medical and/or psychiatric disorders. The length of stay will vary depending upon the severity of the chemical dependence. Once stabilized, patient may be referred to on of Eagleville's residential programs, or an outpatient program.

Non-Hospital Co-Occurring Disorders (3B/C)

This specialized program provides residential care for individuals with primary substance use and secondary psychiatric disorders. We offer co-ed and gender specific units. Patients who have been stabilized and are in need of extensive psychosocial rehabilitation receive intensive and individualized treatment. Many patients suffer from conditions such as schizophrenia, major depression, and episodes of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and panic disorders. Patients learn how to manage their psychiatric symptoms and develop relapse prevention skills.

Non-Hospital Level Rehabilitation (3B/C)

This intensive residential program is for patients who are free of significant co-occurring medical and/or psychiatric disorders. Men and women who have chronic problems associated with chemical dependency including emotional and behavioral conditions, criminal justice involvement, and/or socioeconomic deficiencies may be admitted to the program. Patients participate in group therapy; individual counseling is also provided. A multidisciplinary approach is utilized. Patients are educated and counseled about substance use disorders while they work to accomplish goals contained on their individualized treatment plans.

Geriatric Psychiatric Treatment

This is an acute, short term program for patients aged 55 years and older in need of a secure, therapeutic environment. The goal is to quickly return patients to their optimal level of functioning outside the hospital through an intensive, structured, physician supervised program that coordinates seamlessly with the patient's medical care. The program includes: psychiatric and physical assessment, 24-hour nursing and medical support, medical management and education, family therapy, individual treatment planning and diagnostic testing.

Acute Co-Occurring Disorder Unit

Eagleville Hospital’s Acute Unit is designed to provide integrated care for adults 18 and older with high level co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Both disorders are considered primary and truly integrated treatment is provided. The target population includes individuals with acute needs as well as serious and persistent mental illness or high severity psychiatric disturbance and co-occurring substance use disorders. This service provides a welcoming environment for individuals with dual disorders, a supportive environment for stabilization and seeks to assist them in the development of an ongoing recovery plan.

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